Trikke Tribred Electric Vehicles

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Trikke Tribred Electric Personal Transportation

With the need for more efficient and affordable personal transportation quickly becoming a way of life, Trikke EV helps fill the gap with the best of both worlds.

Clean, portable and just plain fun to ride. You won't know how you got along with out it. Remember that first mile last mile concept can make your life much easier to manage with a vehicle that can get you in and out in a flash.
$ Trikke Electric Personal Transportation Tribred Pon-e 36 Volt
Personal Electric Vehicle Transportation
Getting around town, running errands, picking up groceries or going to work will never be the same again. Clean portable electric transportation is the only way to go. Transportation on the Electric Trikke is nothing short of amazing. Good luck finding a used one because people buy these to keep. Amazing Range up to 24 miles on 7 cents a charge. Leave the 4000 lb vehicle at home and carve your neighborhood.
Trikke Tribred 48 Volt Electric Vehicle
48V Tribred Pon-e
20+ miles on a 10 cent charge. Removable lithium battery. Heavy Duty 350 watt HUB motor with motorcycle grade tires. Disc Brakes.
Trikke Tribred 36 Volt Lite Electric Vehicle T8H
36V Pon-e Lite
5-9 mile range. Feels Like a T8 Sport. Great for electric assist. 180 watt motor with fitness tires and disc brakes. Light and easy to ride. Upgrade Battery.
Trikke Tribred 36 Volt Electric Vehicle
36V Tribred Pon-e
17+ miles on a 10 cent charge. Removable lithium battery. Performance with Heavy Duty Tires 250 watt motor with disc brakes. Limited Available
Trikke E2 Razor
E2 Razor EV
24V E2 Trikke by Razor is a co-op with Trikke Tech. Super fun for the kids.
Trikke Fitness Electric Vehicle

And yes, the low-impact fitness benefits from the Trikke EV are true. If you are not adept at propelling Trikke carving vehicles yet, not to worry. With the twist of the throttle you are up and rolling, and to engage your lower body you simply turn - getting into a nice rhythm - like a skier. Your legs will bend and extend naturally as your weight moves from side to side. If you want to engage your upper body, you must learn to drive the vehicle forward by punching the outside handlebar through each turn (only while using very little or no electric power, or while climbing steepish hills). If it is fitness you are after, you can find it on the Trikke EV, all while having a really fun time, and while you're getting somewhere. Great for multi-taskers.
Trikke Adventure Electric Vehicle
Hop on a Trikke EV because of its efficiency, and come home with the thrill of an adventure.
You'll be praising the pavement gods for filling your world with perfect "groomers" that can be carved and slalomed with abandon. Little side trails will beg to be explored. You will see things that you have never seen in your own town thanks to being up higher on Trikke's raised foot platforms, and just being out in the open air floating along at whatever speed you find appropriate.

And... this is an adventuring machine that can easily be tossed into the back of a car, bus, train, etc to adventure further and further. Please - share your adventures with us!
Trikke Liesure Electric Vehicle
We hear it over and over again: "This is like a magic carpet; I don’t want to get off!"
Hours can be easily spent zipping around on the Trikke EV - for the pure enjoyment of the ride. Our Austrian partners have coined a new word for the sensation: "spazierschweben" which basically translates into "walking-floating." Add to that top speeds of up to 17mph, and the ability to perform stable, carving turns at all speeds and you have an incredibly satisfying and unique experience that you will not easily duplicate or forget.
Trikke Commuter Electric Vehicle
Commuting and Running Errands

Choose the Trikke EV because it is so sensible and efficient; keep using it every day because it's so fun.

It is uniquely stable and maneuverable so you can confidently flow past slower traffic or obstacles, and it's easy to park right at your destination (with no parking fees). You will avoid wrinkling or getting grease on your clothes thanks to Trikke's standing riding position. Carve side to side for Trikke's exhilarating skier's feeling, and get an enjoyable, low-impact workout on your way - and let the breeze keep you cool.

You'll wonder why so many commuters still insist on dragging 4000 to 6000 unnecessary lbs around with them to get from here to there - getting stuck in traffic and fighting for parking spaces ( yesterday when there are solutions like Trikke EV today!). Plus, you will be saving thousands of dollars that otherwise would have been spent on gas, maintenance, insurance and parking.
Trikke Electric Vehicle Specs
Trikke Pull Cord
Trikke Cargo Net
Tribred Parts
Trikke Tribred Pon-e Glove Box
Ispeaker with Bass boost
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